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A2Display "Contactless" menu offer

 No training needed: our software is quick and easy to use.
• Continue to respect Government guidelines.
• Create and keep a loyal connection with your customers.
• A more ecological and responsible way to communicate. 
• Easily communicate the allergen list to your customers.


Protect your customers and employees by avoiding the use of paper menus, which pass from hand to hand. 

Your customers flash the available QR code to see your menu directly on their mobile phone or tablet.

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and for your customers, 

How it works :

Make the QR Codes available for your customers, they simply scan it and access your menu on their mobile phones!

All mobile phones

A2Display works on both iOS and Android devices without installation.

Step 1 - Create

A QR code will be generated once your personalised menu has been created,

Step 2 - Scan

The QR Code is then ready to be scanned by customers. 

Step 3 - Read menu

Finally they will have access to your menu and ready for orders to be placed. 

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Menu template 1

Try our dynamic and stylish templates to suit your needs…

Menu template 2

…choose the menu you like, simply modify the text and photos. Alter everything to your taste. 

Menu template 3

Scan the QR Codes to see results.

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